Optometrist consultând un pacient în cabinetul de optică.


What does an optometric evaluation entail?

The optometric assessment involves a few simple steps that will be followed together with the optometrist.

1. Sitting in front of the auto-refractometer (precision ophthalmic device, used in determining the dioptric power, in determining the axis and the interpupillary distance, respectively in the prescription of corrections).

2. Trying the trial frame and lenses according to the analysis of the results after the auto-refractometer.


Analysis of visual acuity and correction proposals

Visual acuity testing is an essential process for determining the clarity of your vision and identifying any eye problems. During this test, we evaluate your eyes' ability to distinguish fine details at different distances and identify any visual deficiencies. Based on the results obtained, we propose customized correction solutions, such as glasses or contact lenses, adapted to your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure optimal and comfortable vision, thereby improving the quality of your life.