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Computerized Eyeglass Assembly Laboratory

What is the journey of your lens?

In our computerized eyeglass assembly laboratory, each lens undergoes a meticulous process to ensure a perfect fit and optimal optical performance. Before processing begins, the lens arrives in a standard pouch, in a round shape. This shape needs to be adapted to match the specific wearing needs and parameters of each client.

The first step in our process involves passing the frame through the Tracer, our advanced scanning device that identifies and records the exact shape of the frame. The lenses are then placed in the Lensmeter, where they are scanned and oriented to determine the exact center of each lens. This detailed information is then digitally transmitted to our Edger, where the lenses are precisely and quickly ground to fit the shape of the frame perfectly. This process ensures that the finished glasses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, providing a superior and personalized optical experience.