Our career plan

Training period

Your career in optics starts here!

We offer you a special training period where you will acquire the necessary knowledge to step into the optical industry. The duration of this period is flexible and will be determined based on your level of ambition and desire to learn.

At the end of the training period, you will be evaluated through a test that will reveal your level of understanding and competence. The results of this test will serve as a reference in assessing your progress and making the final decision regarding your integration into our team.

Our team will actively support you, providing constructive feedback and guidance to help you reach your true potential.

gama optic buna ziua


Salary: 3000 lei

Previous experience is preferred but not required. The "Beginner" stage lasts a minimum of 3 months, during which you will receive training and guidance from our experienced consultants and optometrists.

Conditions for advancing to the next level: Minimum 3 months in the Beginner position.

The main objectives in this stage are:

  • You will assimilate sales techniques and deepen your knowledge in the optical field.
  • You will learn how to create the most memorable experience in interacting with customers.
  • You will implement and apply the knowledge gained in practice.


Salary: 3000 lei + 600 lei (meal vouchers) + sales commission

Experience: Minimum 3 months of sales in the optical field

Conditions for advancing to the next level: Minimum 6 months in the Sales Consultant Junior position.

The main responsibilities of a Sales Consultant Junior include:

  • Direct interaction with customers;
  • Creating order invoices;
  • Using the digital lens catalog to engage the customer in the decision-making process and provide transparency;
  • Scheduling appointments;
  • Actively participating in the sales process and taking on related responsibilities.


Salary: 3500 lei + 600 lei (meal vouchers) + sales commission

Experience: Minimum 9 months of sales in the optical field

Conditions for advancing to the next level: Minimum 2 years in the Sales Consultant Senior position, including one year of practice in optometry + Optometrist Diploma.

You have the option to remain at this level or to pursue a more advanced career in the optical field. You can start studying to become an optometrist and carry out your practice within the store under the guidance of a specialist optometrist from your team.

The main objectives in this stage are:

  • Close collaboration with the optometrist and other team members to ensure a comprehensive and personalized offer to customers.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of junior sales consultants, providing feedback and guidance for improvement.
  • Maintaining relationships with existing customers and developing new relationships with potential customers through proactive and professional approaches.


Salary: 4000 lei + 600 lei (meal vouchers) + sales commission

Experience: Minimum 2 years of practice in optometry + Optometrist Diploma

Conditions for advancing to the next level: Minimum 2 years of optometry as a Specialist + specialized courses

In this stage, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the performance of each sales consultant in your team and providing the necessary guidance to help them achieve their career goals.
  • Ensuring that the company's overall objectives are met and implementing appropriate strategies to achieve them.
  • Actively participating in the decision-making process in the store where you work and contributing new ideas for innovative approaches in sales activities.
Gama Optic Aushopping


Salary: 4500 lei + 600 lei (meal vouchers) + sales commission

Experience: Minimum 4 years of practice in optometry

As an Expert, you will collaborate directly with the Gama Optic entrepreneur to establish overall development objectives. In this stage, you can choose to participate in specialized sessions to develop your entrepreneurial skills and understand the process of developing a company from A to Z.

Your main responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and implementing strategies for business development and growth, taking into account your advanced knowledge in optometry and a good understanding of the market segment in the optical field.
  • Coordinating and supervising training and professional development activities for sales consultants, ensuring that they are well-prepared and updated on new trends and technologies in the field.


The highest level in our career plan!

As a Gama Optic Partner, you will have the privilege and responsibility of taking control of a Gama Optic store, becoming our associated entrepreneur.

As a partner, you will be responsible for all operational aspects of the store, including inventory management, merchandise, and receipts. You will be involved in making strategic decisions for the development and growth of your business, contributing to the overall success of our brand.

With this stage, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dream of running your own business in the optical industry, while benefiting from our accumulated support and experience over the years.


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