Rules for protecting your eyesight during a solar eclipse.

One of the most beloved natural phenomena by earthlings is the solar eclipse. Equally beloved is our visual sense. But do we really know how to watch a solar eclipse without causing problems to our eyes? According to studies carried out by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in collaboration with NASA, the only possibility to [...]

Can I read an eye prescription myself?

Answer: yes. The only impediment that can intervene is that of understanding the terms. An optometrist or ophthalmologist is trained to use simplified terms to explain the eye prescription. That's why this article is only a good read to get you in touch with the interpretation of the ophthalmic prescription. If we are still in [...]

Who invented glasses?

It all started from a small point. So are the glasses. So do we. Glasses were not born directly into a frame with aesthetic lenses. The glasses were born from a...bowl of water. Exact. Seneca, the philosopher and valued advisor to Emperor Nero, discovered firsthand the problem that prevented him from reading - poor eyesight. So […]

The importance of ophthalmological consultation in children.

Childhood is one of the most sensitive periods. Before we create our protective shield against things that can attack directly, in the long term, we are exposed to all of these. Above all, in the world of technology and digitization of life, our children's eyes are more prone to developing refractive errors or eye problems - [...]

Do we need vitamins for our eyes?

We don't need the cold season to realize that we need vitamins. In fact, anytime is a good time to get our nutrients from dietary supplements. The eye is an organ as important as any other. That is why, in addition to the annual optometric consultation, it is good to offer [...]