A revolutionary approach centered around your vision!

Yuniku technology represents a significant advance in the field of optics, integrating the most advanced technologies and scanning tools to create custom glasses with perfect optical precision.

This state-of-the-art technology involves:

  • Facial scanning to determine the ideal lens position based on each person's unique features.
  • 3D printing of a unique frame, created especially for each individual customer.

The highest level of customization

Through precise facial scanning and detailed analysis of visual parameters, Yuniku can identify and correct any vision deviations, ensuring optimal visual acuity and excellent wearer comfort. Every aspect of the glasses, from lens shape to frame design, is perfectly tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the customer.

Yuniku eyeglass frames are 3D printed from superior quality materials, combining strength and durability with an elegant and modern design. The frame dimensions are perfectly adjusted to fit each wearer's face comfortably, guaranteeing a flawless wearing experience and impeccable aesthetics.

Each pair of Yuniku glasses is crafted with attention to detail and a special focus on quality and performance, ensuring that customers enjoy the best optical solution available at the moment.

Optical variety

Yuniku offers a range of frames available in a diverse palette of designs, colors, and finishes. These are complemented by a selection of premium monofocal, progressive, or indoor lenses, designed to meet the individual needs of each customer.


Optical innovation

Yuniku reflects the vision of Hoya Lens Company, a leading manufacturer of lenses and optical products, globally recognized for the innovation and quality of its products.